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the creator's gift

A traditional teaching of Aboriginal people in Canada is that before Europeans reached the eastern shores of Turtle Island, their elders had visions of people coming from the east with messages from the Creator.  Inspired by that tradition, Indian Metis Christian Fellowship commissioned Ovide Bighetty to create series of paintings depicting the visions of those Aboriginal elders.

In preparation for painting Kisê-manitow Omiyikowiswin – The Creator’s Gift, Bert Adema (IMCF Director) researched the sequence of the Christmas story from the accounts in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. From the sequence of the gospel accounts, Ovide selected seventeen vignettes for his visual portrayal of the Creator’s Gift.

Proceeds from the sale of reproductions of Kisê-manitow Omiyikowiswin – The Creator’s Gift and donations to this project will be used to pay the artist’s commission, provide for exhibition tours and contribute to fundraising for Indian Metis Christian Fellowship. All reproduction rights for Kisê-manitow Omiyikowiswin – The Creator’s Gift belong fully and completely to Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (IMCF).

The efforts of various people made possible the creation, exhibit, and reproductions of Kisê-manitow Omiyikowiswin – The Creator’s Gift. Indian Metis Christian Fellowship gratefully acknowledges the invaluable assistance of the following people: Bob Anderson (Concept Media Ltd.); Don List (Birdsong Communications); Mary K. Weimar (Assiniboia Gallery), Neil Douglas; the Christian Reformed Church in North America-Canada and the many persons whose appreciation for earlier commissions encouraged further endeavors. We also give thanks and praise to Christ the Creator in whose honour these paintings were made.